Welcome to the Juniorlogs Ambassador Program!!!

We are excited to provide 10 centres with a free 12-MONTH subscription of Juniorlogs Student Management System.

The program is simple and easy. You get ALL the benefits of Juniorlogs for FREE! That’s right, free. All you need to do is help get the word out about Juniorlogs.

Here’s how it works!

  • Sign up for Juniorlogs Ambassador program
  • One of our team will follow up to help get you started.

Here’s what you get!

Training : We provide online Admin training FREE! Includes up to 2 sessions

Support : You’ll be able to access our support team for ongoing help by email or by phone.

Here’s what we need from you!

Testimonials : Share positive feedback and helpful tips for Juniorlogs with us. Pics, videos, Facebook posts – you choose.

Updates : Our team will get in touch with you every month to check how you are going and share the new release updates with you.

Have your say : Sneak peek of upcoming Juniorlogs features – send us your suggestions for new features – the way how you like them!

Sign up now and receive a year long usage of Juniorlogs for Free!

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