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JuniorLogs: Leading ECE Management Software in NZ


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HELLO! WE ARE Juniorlogs

Juniorlogs Transforms Childcare Administration With Smarter, Easy-To-Use Software.

MoE Early Learning Information (ELI) Integrated​​

Juniorlogs childcare system integrates with NZ MoE’s Early Learning Information system, ensuring accurate data submission and compliance with guidelines.

Booking & Attendance Overview​

Ensure maximum revenue by optimising centre occupancy. Vacancies cost $6000-$23000 annually. Utilise our insights for effective marketing and staffing.


Easy Administration Tools

Digital Enrolment
Attendance Kiosk
Child and Family data
Staff Management
Staff Rostering and Contact Hours
Daily and Weekly
Roster Report
Payroll Report
Flexible fees and
Donation module

What makes us different?

Seamless MoE ELI integration, proactive occupancy optimisation,
and data-driven insights set us apart, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

  • Seamless MoE ELI integration
  • Flawless funding calculations
  • Accurate service data representation
  • Proactive occupancy optimisation
  • Innovative attendance Kiosk
  • Extensive child and family data reporting
  • Comprehensive medical records tracking
  • Staff management and pay parity tracking
  • Efficient staff rostering and contact hours recording
  • ECE operational funding calculation
Automatic Invoicing
Xero Integration
Booking and
Roll forecast
Funding Calculations
RS7 and ECE Return
Enterprise Solution
Integrated Calendar
Notifications and
Action Centre
Oscar Program
Separate Family Accounts
Demographic Widgets
Frequent Absence
Rule overview

Our guarantee for stress free admin

  • Seamless integration with MoE ELI system for accurate data submission and compliance
  • Proactive occupancy optimisation to maximise revenue potential
  • Innovative attendance Kiosk and comprehensive reporting for streamlined operations and informed decision-making
Streamlined Management Solution for ECE Centres: Why Clients Love Juniorlogs

Seamless Integration, Proactive Optimisation,
 and Operations

Seamless MoE ELI Integration​

Clients love Juniorlogs for its seamless integration with the Ministry of Education's Early Learning Information (ELI) system. This integration ensures accurate data submission and compliance with regulatory requirements, saving time and effort for ECE centres.

Proactive Occupancy Optimisation​

Juniorlogs empowers ECE centres to maximise revenue by offering proactive occupancy optimisation tools. By analysing enrolment and booking schedules in advance, Juniorlogs helps centres fill vacancies efficiently, ensuring maximum profitability.

Innovative Attendance Kiosk​

The innovative attendance Kiosk feature of Juniorlogs simplifies time tracking for both staff and children. By automating attendance recording and eliminating manual processes, this feature enhances operational efficiency and accuracy in ECE centres.

Comprehensive Reporting​

Clients appreciate Juniorlogs' comprehensive reporting capabilities, which provide insights into various aspects of child and family.​


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Wendy Whitehead

“I have been using Juniorlogs for a couple of years now. It is difficult changing SMS and there were teething issues initially with how things worked but I had the most amazing support with phone calls, video calls and online, real time tutorials with Pinky. Juniorlogs SMS delivers everything I need to manage our small centre and if there are any problems I get support promptly and efficiently. And the price is right!"