Your ECE service is unique – how do you inform others about this?

Increasingly more and more parents conduct a thorough research to find the ideal early learning centre for their child, how you market your service becomes essentially vital.


Below are some of the ways that can help you differentiate yourself and make you stand apart from your competition.

  1. Keep everyone informed on your development. There are a lot of pre-opening activities you could plan before your centre gets operational. Post the pictures of the building and development as it happens so that new parents at your centre stay up to date with when the enrolments will be open.
    Once your centre is fully operational, you can post celebration pictures and videos to keep your social media content fresh and up to date.
  2. Make yourself known – announce it loud! Host an event or an open day at the centre and market it well. Make sure each visitor gets a good walkthrough of your centre, meal plans, nappy changing facilities, sleep room, playground area and toilets and other facilities. Give them an understanding of individual programme planning and your communications policy.
    Ask that all guests sign in with their name and email address so you can follow up after the event. Using a student management system that offers you an online enrolment ability is a bonus.
  3. Get parents to spread the word. We cannot stress the benefits of word of mouth marketing! Look at offering referral rewards to your parents. Happy parents will always be one of the most effective methods of child care marketing. To encourage word of mouth marketing, ensure that you have a highly effective communication plan in place so parents feel that they are always in the loop. Engaged parents are happy parents!