The Frequent Absence Rule in Juniorlogs

Are you worried about those children who may be developing an absence pattern and requiring your attention?

The funding handbook states that –

“A child’s attendance must match their enrolment agreement for at least half (i.e. 50 per cent or more) of each calendar month.”

Let us show you two reports within Juniorlogs that will give you peace of mind while making sure that appropriate funding is being calculated.

The first report is the FAR Overview report.

FAR overview

Check this report at the end of each month for any obvious attendance changes and absence pattern highlights. In this report, green ticks means everything is good. The orange pattern means an absence pattern has been detected. The red alerts mean that the system has stopped claiming the funding for the absences.

The system handles all FAR calculations behind the scenes, but you can find out more about any absence pattern by exploring this second report called Frequent absence report.

FAR counter in FAR report

Here the absence detected by the system is displayed per week day and also per week numbers.

Wait – doesn’t the system generate any alerts or notifications?

Absolutely! You will be notified each time a pattern is detected by the system in form of separate notifications.

In the first month, you will be asked to monitor the absence. In the second month, you will be alerted to ask parents to confirm the booking schedule by re-signing the enrolment form. In the third month, you are asked to have the parents confirm the booking schedule by re-signing the enrolment form, and enter a new booking schedule in Juniorlogs. In the fourth month, the system will alert you that the funding claim for the absences has been stopped due to continuous absence pattern. You are legally required to have a new enrolment agreement with their Parent/Guardian that matches the attendance pattern and add a new booking schedule in Juniorlogs.

So here we see how Juniorlogs helps you identify the absence patterns and guides you with helpful suggestions.