The benefits of using an online enrolment form for your child enrolment

In this day and age where we use technology to reduce our paperwork and save time, having an option of online child enrolment is a win-win.



There are numerous benefits of offering this to your parents – think about the traditional way in which they would have to navigate to the link, download the form, print and complete it, sign and scan it back to your office.

Then there is the other side to this challenge where the Admin staff need to assess the form, manually input the information into their system and confirm all the details. Using an online  enrolment system removes a number of these steps, allowing parents to efficiently complete all information online without the need for printing or scanning, and allowing services to receive, view and assess enrolments online, hence making a time-consuming task much easier to manage.

Also it is easier to go through your enrolment pipeline. Having an online enrolment system means that you can view enrolments at every status, all in one place.

This is a must-have for any new service looking for a modern student management system. And the best option if you are looking at switching to a modern-er version!