Funding settings return to normal for services affected by Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle


Emergency closures

Services that are still unable to open need to contact their local Te Mahau office and these will be assessed on a service-by-service basis.

Absence funding

From 1 May normal absence rules apply for all services. This means that funding will stop if a child is absent and breaks either the frequent or continuous absence rules. Under the normal funding rules, funding may continue for up to 12 weeks if the EC12 process is followed; this includes having an EC13 form signed by a medical practitioner.

Dual enrolments

From 1 May the dual enrolment settings will return to normal. If children are in a situation where they still need to attend a different service than their home service, they will now be unable to claim funding at both. Funding can now only be claimed at the service they are physically attending.