Lucky for us in New Zealand, but the whole world is still going through tough times when schools and childcare centres remain closed in many parts of the world. Lockdown, quarantine or self-isolation does not mean that we shut ourselves from the world around us. Thanks to the technology that has allowed us to continue learning and allowed remote working.


We are observing the evolution of e-learning. Millennials and educators are more comfortable with distance learning and interacting using technology.

Web Based Student Information Systems

Listed below are some of the features that we should expect from the best student management software. Self-service attendance KIOSK, Staff sign in KIOSK, digitisation, paperless and digital enrolment are some of the new benefits that we should expect from any Student management system or childcare management system.
Let’s dig deeper into how new features of student management software has become must going forward and were beneficial to our education system during the current coronavirus lockdown period.


Attendance Management System


Attendance KIOSK allowed schools and childcare centres to adapt contact less attendance management system. Parents and Students can Sign In and Out without the need for admin and teachers. This feature has allowed social distancing and time saving and still ensuring attendance with accurate timings.


Schools and childcare centres using the paper-based signin and using excel sheets are facing challenges to find and adopt to social distancing during coronavirus lockdown period.


With the best student management software, there shouldn’t be any; worries for school management and childcare centres to record and report on students attendance records.


Online Admissions and Enrollment


Childcare enrolment process can get overwhelming with all the different forms you have to manage. This could be easily simplified by using automated digital enrolment process. You can publish your enquiry and enrolment form on your website, mobile app and get parents to fill information directly from the comfort of their home or when they are visiting your school and childcare centres. We should expect all school management systems to have features such as enquiry, visit, tour request, enrolment, bookings andre-enrolment.


Parents Access Control


In this busy world, getting time from parents is the most challenging for childcare centres and schools. All the best student management software should make it easy for parents to get daily reports, notifications and request information by logging in to the system.


Document Evidence for Student Information System


Check if you can get rid of all papers by uploading documents to your current Student Information System. Document Management System is designed to digitise your childcare centres and schools by uploading and archiving all paper-based evidence on the system, making it easy to access during audits or when needed.


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