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Absence Funding



Funding for short-term absences


Short-term absences related to winter-illness or COVID-19 do not always require an absence exemption.


Under the normal absence rules funding support for when a child is away includes:


  • the three-week rule provides funding for three weeks of continuous absence regardless of reason.
  • the frequent absence rule allows for three months of irregular attendance before an enrolment agreement needs to be changed.

Services should consider how these supports protect a child’s funding claim before applying an absence exemption as  this may reduce the need to complete EC12 or EC13 forms for absences prior to 11 August 2022.



Fourth month of frequent absence patterns


As we move into September it is important that services are mindful of the frequent absence pattern of their children.September is the fourth month since the count for the frequent absence rule was reset on 1 June 2022. This means:

  • funding for children who have had the same frequent absence pattern identified in June, July and August
  • must have their September enrolment agreement changed to match the pattern of the child’s attendance.

Funding should not be claimed for the child’s continuing pattern of absences in the fourth month.

Please check the FAR Overview Report in Juniorlogs to identify the month of the child’s frequent absence pattern.



Absence exemptions

An absence exemption can be applied in Juniorlogs for children affected by winter-illness or COVID-19 to protect against the three-week and frequent absence rules. Through the exemption, up to 12-weeks of continuous absences can be claimed. Absences for the period of the exemption would not count towards a child’s frequent absence pattern.

How to mark “Exempt” How to mark children as Exempt

For absence exemptions from:

  • 1 June to 10 August 2022 services are required to complete EC12 and EC13 forms. EC13 forms can be completed by a parent or guardian in place of a medical practitioner during this time.
  • 11 August to 30 September there is no requirement to complete an EC12 and EC13 form, and the absence exemption can be applied in your SMS.

 For absences of four weeks or more parents will need to complete a ‘statement of intention to return’ or ‘reconfirmation of enrolment’ (see Enrolments tab – Bookings section – Re-Attestation Form)  to provide the evidence that a child has not permanently left the service. You must not claim funding for children who have left your service.