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Attendance Kiosk Attendance Tracking for Child Care

Discover how Juniorlogs streamlines management tasks, optimizes occupancy, and enhances operational efficiency for early childhood education centres.

Childcare Centres are always trying to find the best solution to reduce repetitive boring data entry task and save time that can allow them to focus on running centre. Back in the days centres used to print out daily and weekly time sheet for parents and staff to centre times and sign every time they walk in and out of the facility. Recently we all are discovering the benefits of self-managed digital attendance KIOSK. Paper-based attendance management is almost a thing of the past.

Keeping accurate time entries and proper attendance management is essential for compliance and regulations. At the same time, it also helps the centre claim funding from MOE for contact hours spend with children. Most importantly you can now invoice parents for any extra hours child has been in the centre which was never accounted. In the same way staff and teachers sign in and sign out allows you to keep accurate payroll records. Here are some of the reasons for your to consider and throw away your attendance sheet and start using Juniorlogs KIOSK.


  • Modernise your centre by making use of present-day technology
  • Adopt sustainable approach by reducing paper usage
  • Self-service portal for parents
  • Accurate attendance records with time entries in real time
  • Staff PIN for them to sign in and sign out and keep a record of paid hours plus contact hours
  • Visitors Management system
  • Eliminates manual data entry and double entries
  • Digital verification ensures Attendance is marked accurately and has trustworthy data
  • Increases productivity and profitability
  • Get rid of tedious paperwork and make use of saved time by doing better things

We have developed the best childcare attendance tracking system that helps you with online digital attendance system. Our mobile app will help record and track children’s activities and record accurate Sign-in and Sign-out timings.

Every guardian and staff member is assigned a Pin to login to KIOSK, and it is verified and entered each time. As a result, child privacy is very well maintained.

Having a proper system in place during rush hours is a smart decision. Recording and Reporting digitally brings benefits for everyone. KIOSK is where parents, teachers and admin can perform self-check-in and several other task.


Marking attendance has become a lot easier with attendance KIOSK feature from Juniorlogs SMS